The Food Everywhere Coalition (FEC) is a collaborative of people and organizations that share a similar desire to get back to simple living by working to ensure that food, one of the most basic needs, is accessible to all.

The FEC seeks to circulate knowledge, resources, and opportunities to ensure a sustainable society. The FEC engages in numerous activities that promote healthy eating, active living, and community engagement.

Some activities include: gardening, farming, cooking out of the garden, teaching classes, saving seeds, water catchment systems, and vermiculture.

Kelvin Williams

The Urban Farmer


Kelvin Williams, The Urban Farmer has partnered with Food Everywhere coalition since it began. He has dedicated his life to pouring back into the community one bag of fertilizer at a time. Literally, teaching groups and organizations how to plant for the first time and have a  sustainable food source.

Thanks to our coalition of partners

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We are moving communities through education, bringing the community together to overcome poverty.  We can’t get there without YOU!

When you support Food Everywhere Coalition, you are directly affecting a child’s life.  You are providing them with a learning environment where we teach job skills, self-sufficiency, and community.

A contribution to FECoalition is an investment with extraordinary impact.

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